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  1. Hello Useful Seeds,

    The Old Church on the Hill Communtiy Pantry is running a few workshops this spring to get people enthusiastic about growing , we hope to get a few people co-coordinating their backyard space and growing their produce together in order to supply the Community Pantry with fresh produce. On the 13th of October 10am-12pm we are running a workshop on being a water wise gardener as well as what grows well in the Bendigo region and I was hoping you might want to come along and promote your seeds as well as share some knowledge with everyone coming, as a community group we wouldn’t be able to pay for your time but there will be an amazing morning tea spread and if you were able to bring some of your seeds we will let people know to bring cash so they can purchase some. Hope to hear from you soon, Jessica.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      hope the day went well, and sorry I couldn’t make it due to the overseas holiday. Stay in touch, and we will try to help out at your next function.
      regards, gregg

  2. Dear Useful Seeds,

    First, I’d like to thank you for your cool offerings! It’s a real resource for us gardeners. I recently placed an order for the Green Mtn potato onions and the leeks- both sprouted very nicely! Unfortunately, the leeks appear to have been mislabeled- they’ve got 3-4 true leaves by now, and they’re all tubular! Unless this is a very strange leek variety, these appear to be onions. The bottoms of the seedlings are white / yellow, not red, so that probably means that they are Green Mountains, not the mill creek reds. If you think you can sort out the seeds, I’d love a replacement (I am still keen on those leeks!), but if not, no worries.


    Will Ratcliff

    1. Hi Will,
      thanks for the followup email, and glad that the leeks really were leeks, and that the onions really were onions! Good luck with them both, and let us know how they do for you. My next generation of green mountain onions are just starting to form flower buds, so a fresh batch of seed will be available in a few months’ time.

  3. Is it too late to plant tomato seeds? I live in Newstead and only just found your website. And would you be able to recommend tomatoes that can tolerate poor soil as we don’t really have an established vegie garden yet.

    1. Hi Audrey, and thanks for the questions. It’s not too late to plant tomato seeds, especially down in Newstead. My contacts in Castlemaine reckon that they plant a few weeks later than we do in Bendigo – a couple of years ago when I was selling seedlings at the farmers markets, my seedlings were snapped up in Bendigo, but I couldn’t give them away at Pennyweight Flat – all the locals said mid – late October was still too early for seedlings. I’m just sowing my tomato seeds this week – I would have preferred a bit earlier, and i don’t think I will have tomatoes by Christmas, but I will still get good crops, so it should be OK in Newstead.
      As for poor soil, tomatoes don’t like it too rich – they grow lots of leaves instead of fruit. That said, they won’t do well on a dry rocky hillside with no topsoil. give you soil a good dig, incorporate some compost or aged manure, and plant them when the seedlings are 10 – 15 cm high. You can always feed with liquid fertiliser to get them moving if the soil is low in nutrients. I use seaweed emulsion and fish-based fertiliser. I also give my beds a bit of a sprinkle of blood and bone, and a bit of dolomite for calcium and magnesium before planting. Good luck!

  4. How many onion seeds for $5.
    Thank you

  5. Greg

    Many thanks for the seeds!
    I have placed an order and sent your site details to others with a similar weakness.

    David and Jill

  6. Good morning,
    I’m wondering if I’m too late to order and plant green mountain potato onions for the 2018 season, (zone 4) would you know that? Also, how many seeds do we get for 5$? can’t seem to find that info on the website.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Matt.
      I presume you re making an enquiry from the USA. I’m not familiar enough with US climatic zones to offer good advice – I’m located in Australia. my suggestion is to have a look at Kelly Winterton’s excellent information about growing Green Mountain potato onions and his extensive annual growing notes <>
      As for the A$5 pack, we say 150 seeds, which is a conservative estimate. I but put a bit more in to make sure we’ve got that amount covered. We’ve been meaning to update the information on seed packet sizes, but find we are generally too busy out in the garden.

      1. Ok thank you!
        close, from Canada.

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