Perennial Leek seedlings


Perennial Leek seedlings – 30 seedlings

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(Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum)  Perennial leeks are a variety of regular leeks that produce a large number of offsets from pea-sized daughter bulbs (called pearls) around the base of the parent plant in autumn. These baby leeks can be dug up and replanted like normal leek seedlings. While normal leek seedlings sprout from the tiny resources in a small seed and require considerable care, perennial leeks have well established leaves and stem, and the extra resources of the bulb to sustain growth, so they require a lot less attention, and generally leap out of the ground after replanting.  You will never need to buy leek seed again. A must for every garden.

30 seedlings for $45 includes postage and packaging (an additional $2.40 will be applied at the checkout, which has been accounted for in this unit pricing).

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